My Gift To You

I wrote Networking Is Not Working because far too many professionals are wasting significant time and energy by attending traditional networking events (just as I did). Once I reallocated my time and energy towards the un-networking strategies I share throughout the book, the quality and quantity of my clients, my business and my life improved dramatically. I feel strongly that just about anyone (especially those who maintain ongoing relationships with their clients, as opposed to a one-off transaction) can apply what worked for me and generate similar results. It is for this reason I want as many people as possible to read my book.

I am only asking for two things in return:

  1. If you enjoy it and believe others could benefit from reading it, I would appreciate you leaving an Amazon review and/or sharing it with your network.
  2. The privilege to develop a relationship with you by sharing ideas that you will hopefully find useful, while also learning from you.

If this sounds fair, please provide your name, email and city. Once you are confirmed, I will send out the book (it may take up to 48 hours to process the order).

You will receive an email from Amazon with the subject line “A Gift from Derek Coburn” (this will occasionally end up in spam, so be sure to check there). All you need to do is click the button “Get Your Gift Now” in the body of the email and it will be delivered to your Kindle.



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