On Being a Fraud

freaksI just made the decision to delay the release of my book by one week (until May 5). While I’m certain this is not the most devastating news you have heard today, I still wanted to provide an update and explain why.

A lot of work goes into prepping a book for release. I knew what had to be done, but underestimated how much time some of these things would take. I have also been overwhelmed (in a good way) with support and opportunities to promote my book, such as podcasts, guest blogging, etc. I am incredibly grateful for all of this of course, but at the same time it has put even more on my plate.

I have been going non-stop preparing for this launch. I cannot begin to describe the emotional swings (good and bad) associated with this process. Don’t feel bad for me though; I knew all of this going in!

I have been contemplating pushing the date back now for a few weeks, but put it off because I did not want to look like someone who does not stand behind his commitments. I’ve always been more of a “ship it” guy, as Seth Godin likes to say.

However, I was running out of time and even worse, I felt awful. I had become extremely irritable and anxious. I’m sure it would not have been so bad if not for the fact I have been running two businesses throughout this process.

Yesterday, it came to my attention that yet another necessary task would take much longer than I had anticipated. In order for me to launch my book on Monday, I would basically have to forego sleeping. I then glanced at the 80+ emails in my inbox (I am normally an inbox zero guy on a daily basis) and realized there were several people waiting on me to help them in some way. I had been putting off serving those who are important to me! The thought of delaying my book made me feel like a fraud, but I now realized I was already earning this label for different reasons.

Connecting people and supporting my friends are not just tactics I talk about in my book. They are a way of life for me. I had become so self-absorbed in preparing for this launch that I was not practicing what I preach. James Altucher talks about the importance of The Daily Practice in his excellent book, Choose Yourself. Making meaningful connections and helping my network are big parts of my daily practice. They fuel my fire and give me energy. I can go a few days without doing them, but now it’s been a few weeks.

At that moment I realized my mindset and attitude were not going to improve until I stopped ignoring those who needed me. Cramming everything in for April 28 was not going to happen if I continued feeling the way I had. I needed the positive energy I derive from making connections. And sure enough, as soon as I decided to grant myself more time, I sent a few of those emails and immediately felt better.

Then I realized that my friend Chris Brogan’s new book, The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth, was released on Monday (you can learn more about it here). It was not supposed to come out until next week, but still, he wrote the foreword for my book. There are few people who deserve my help more than him, and I’m excited to put his book on your radar. Had I not made the decision to delay my book, I probably wouldn’t be writing about it right now.

Thanks for giving me a pass on this. I feel good about the decision, and will feel even better if you buy The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth while you wait for my book to come out. But don’t do it for me. Do it because it’s an excellent book that could change your life. I wouldn’t ask if I thought otherwise, and I’m glad this delay has given me the chance to introduce it to you.

As always, thanks for your support!

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